Mar. 22nd, 2019

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There is a lot of stress, just now, and I am not enjoying it -- well, who would? Perhaps someone. But I am carving out time and space for good things, and I am much more interested in writing about them than the other.

Yesterday I drove some ways to the smaller town nearish by where my friend C. lives and spent time sitting in a lovely coffee shop talking about Kieron Gillen's new comic, DIE, and then we went to lunch at an Italian place where I feasted upon ravioli in lamb sauce and we talked more about the comic -- and about other things too, books and manga and anime and films and even a little bit about our lives, but it kept circling back around to the comic because it is so much in the sweet spot of our mutual interests, gaming (mostly his, we do not game any more although we did once), and portal fantasy (very much mine) and the imaginary becoming real -- my favourite sort of portal fantasy, like Pamela Dean's Secret Country trilogy, where part of the intensity of it is the characters being uncertain if they invented the world they are now living in and are thus somehow responsible for all the things happening, or if the world was speaking to them all along and if that latter, why? It was a very pleasant time, and the drive also, the hills are intensely riotously green green green right now, and to see him is up more into them than I usually go, so I could see all the folds and shapes of the landscape as I drove, although I had to be careful not to be too distracted by the pleasure of looking at the form of it all. And then back home for a lovely afternoon with my children.

Today, more stress, and I had a mild temper tantrum to which my patient spouse listened and provided comfort and affection, and then I got my hair cut so I feel more assembled and ready to deal with the world, and then I came home and was reading this evocative post about perfumes by [personal profile] rushthatspeaks and was reminded of how much I wanted to try out Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab back in the 2000s but at the time it seemed too much money for an indulgence -- so I have ordered some imps (the same sizes) and I look forward to seeing if my nose can tell the difference between the various notes and if the scents change on my skin -- well, I am certain they will, but will I be able to tell?

It occurs to me that when I am stressed I tend to distract myself by attempting to learn new things, which seems not so bad, despite the constraints of time. Something to keep in mind, I think, as it is always easy to find something to learn.

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