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alchimie: (roses)

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Created on 2018-09-10 23:40:49 (#3424823), last updated 2019-04-04 (2 weeks ago)

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Location:California, United States of America
I have had a number of online journals over the last several decades, but I gave it up for a long while after my children were born, and then suddenly this past September I needed to be here again -- so here I am. I am enjoying it very much so far.

I am not certain whether or not I am fannish, but there are some works which have taken up permanent residence in my interior landscape, such as Shoujo Kakumei Utena and Steven Universe and all the extant novels of Pamela Dean. There are many other things I like to read and watch, and I enjoy writing about them, so much of my posting is that sort of thing.

(Oh my, no, I am fannish, I have just discovered an urgent need to read as much post-war adult Draco/Harry fanfic as humanly possible, please advise. Actually, no, please rec!)

I do not write anything that is not public, so I have not 'granted access' to anyone. If my posting habits change I will make the appropriate edits.

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acca 13, acca: 13-ku kansatsu-ka, adult colouring books, alessia cara, angela thirkell, ann leckie, anselm hollo, arthurian mythology, barbara hambly, barbara pym, biography, bloomsbury, boku no hero academia, books, cats, celtic music, certified kindergartener, chinese historical dramas, christopher fry, chu-han contention, cookbooks, dar williams, descending stories, dexter palmer, diana wynne jones, doris egan, dorothy dunnett, dorothy l. sayers, draco malfoy, draco/harry, dublin murder squad, e. m. delafield, edna st. vincent millay, elif batuman, ellen kushner, etiquette books, eurovision, fanfiction, fantasy of manners, feminism, fever dream, food writing, freedom and necessity, fruits basket, gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun, gel pens, gem fusion, halsey, harry potter, hidden singer, hilary mantel, hilary tamar, hild, historical fiction, jane duncan, jane hirshfield, john m ford, john m. ford, josei manga, josephine tey, learning stuff, leonard cohen, letter-writing, liavek, machineries of empire, maggie nelson, makura no soshi, margaret mahy, margery sharp, mary elizabeth braddon, mary renault, mayoiga, meredith ann pierce, murderbot, my hero academia, nancy mitford, nicola griffith, pamela dean, patricia a. mckillip, patricia mckillip, patrick o'brian, peking opera blues, pema chodron, peridot, persephone books, poetry, pre-raphaelites, prismacolour, rachel ferguson, richard thompson, rosamond lehmann, rosemary kirstein, roses, ruth b., samanta schweblin, sappho, sarah caudwell, scott pilgrim, sei shonagon, shakespeare, shared universes, sheri s. tepper, shoujo kakumei utena, shoujo manga, showa genroku rakugo shinjuu, stationery, stephen sondheim, steven brust, steven universe, street musicians, sushi, swiss rolls, swordspoint, tam lin, tana french, terrace house, the american songbook, the colours of madeleine, the gate of ivory, the great british bake-off, the lady's not for burning, the magicians, thomas the rhymer, timothy findley, tom stoppard, tournament of books, tudor history, twelfth night, urban fantasy, utakoi, utena, virago press, wendy cope
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