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Saturday, and I am a little sore and tired but on the whole well, and although it is brisk outside it is sunny, pleasant after some days of rain, and dry enough that my children are even now out back playing. A friend just had a birthday and is coming over tonight so we (mostly spouse) are making turkey chili and a diabetic-friendly chocolate cream pie for him, along with cake for other people and goat ribs because smol daughter and I have been doing weekly farmer's market trips on Sundays and last week we bought goat.

After ordering the BPAL imps last night I remembered that long ago a friend had given me a scent that had not particularly worked for her, so I went and found it in my drawers -- it is The Hanging Gardens, discontinued in 2012 which says something about how long I have had this vial of it, but it still smells good although I would guess it has changed and faded over the time? The internet tells me that it is "date palm, ebony, fir, pomegranate, plum, two pears, quince, fig, and grapevine with plumeria, three gardenias and dry rose." I cannot sort out any of these scents from it, which I would assume is due to my lack of experience; to me it is just floral, although not overpoweringly so. I put some on my wrist and it was fine, fading over the day, but nothing special; I may wear it again while I wait for my order to come but I would not be buying it were it available.

However! I put some on my smol son's wrist for him to try, and on him it blazes to life, suddenly going from a sort of blur of pleasant flowery smells to something vibrant, like a stained glass window with the sun behind it, lots of reds and greens -- yes, I know this is visual, my sensory system does what it will, and what it did here was absolutely beautiful bright colours winding together. I said in shock, "It smells so much better on you than it does on me!" and he said, "Don't say that, it makes me feel bad for you!" And I said that he did not need to feel bad, that is was exciting to learn something new, and we smelled it on my wrists and then on his and then went about the business of his bedtime, but goodness, that was something; it is one thing to read about scents changing on people due to body chemistry and another thing to experience it so directly.

Tomorrow will be the farmer's market, and perhaps a very simple bread -- I have made bread in the bread machine, and breads which do not require kneading, but I would like to try a simple kneaded loaf -- and I must help smol daughter get started on the large school project which is due in two weeks; all the pieces have been acquired so now it is just the crafting, which she will do herself but I provide encouragement and companionship and finding the craft glue and such. I am also hoping we might make it out to the park tomorrow en famille, but I am not certain what the weather will do.

I have written this on and off through the day and now it is time to clean the table off for dinner!

Date: 2019-03-24 10:41 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] cmcmck
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Farmers' markets are always such a nice thing!


Date: 2019-04-13 06:19 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] enemyofperfect
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That is such a gorgeous description of the change in the scent! What a fascinating experience that must be.

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