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Today is the first day in a very long time that I have felt reasonably like my normal self in terms of energy and ability to breathe deeply without coughing or sneezing. I am not certain it will last for the entire day, but for the moment I will take it.

This being so, it is also time to begin catching up on the truly enormous piles of things I am behind on in every area of my life. I have booked a vet appointment for my elderly catten who has kidney issues, and I have done some banking things. (Also I have cuddled the non-elderly cat extensively, although not enough for his liking; he is lying in my lap as I type this, grabbing me with his paws to indicate where I am supposed to be petting.) Next on the list is an agenda for the upcoming Girl Scout meeting and some overdue scheduling emails with friends; I had not wanted to commit to seeing people until I was fairly certain I could follow-through, but things are now looking rosier in that regard.

There is still much more stress in my life than I would like; spouse continues to have medical issues, knowable and treatable ones but they are impacting his quality of life and thus the family, plus I love him and thus mind a lot that he is frequently exhausted and unhappy. I am hoping to get a timeframe for his (fairly straightforward, we hope) surgery today, so I can plan all the other things around it and pull out if necessary from other committments. But I am engaging in self-care in various forms; I realised that trying to finish my ToB list by the deadline was feeling unpleasant, so I have let that go, and thus over the last few days I watched a lot of AKB0048 rather than intensively reading literary fiction, plus there was a very nice trip to the farmer's market with smol daughter (no berries, but handmade tamales, fresh apple cider, beautiful sweet grapefruit, and a treat of kettle corn for her and cheese corn for me), and she and I watched a bit of The Voice together -- she was theoretically interested in the fall but the music did not really hold her attention, whereas over this past weekend she was quite intrigued and had many comments on the songs and delivery.

The ToB starts Wednesday, and when it starts I might suddenly have a surge of energy to want to tackle some of the books I have abandoned, but if not I am going to put together a fun reading list of speculative fiction and dive into that over the next few weeks, and also I hope really tackle the (enjoyable) work of figuring out how to write about books here, assuming no rising creeks etc.

Now it is time for lunch.
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