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One/Name: Cassandra, which I picked for myself and now I cannot imagine being called anything else. Very few people use it, as it is not our body name, so it is a little electric still each time someone does.

Two/Birthday: Yes. Preferably with delicious cake, but I am picky about what is delicious.

Three/Zodiac: Rabbit-Scorpion hybrid.

Four/Height: I am not very good at it, but the top floor of the library downtown is lovely. Oh, and I live on a hill -- a small hill, but still.

Five/Hobbies: Reading books and fanfic and manga, watching anime, baking, writing sometimes, a dilettante-ish interest in many things (music, languages, making art). Having opinions about all the same but especially about the things I read.

Six/Favorite Colors: Rich colours -- ultramarine, forest green, burgundy, the colour of a mango, the colour of a citrine. Jewel tones.

Seven/Favorite Books: I appreciate this is in plural, because I could never pick just one. I have a very long list of long-term favourites which deserve their own post, so here are three recent favourites: Ancillary Justice (Ann Leckie), Ninefox Gambit (Yoon Ha Lee), and Wolf Hall (Hilary Mantel). Those first two were the first speculative fiction I had read in a very, very long time that made me feel like the genre and I have something to talk about, and discovering conversations about them here is a large part of why I came back to Dreamwidth.

Eight/Last Song I Listened To: "La Belle Dame Sans Regret" by Emilie-Claire Barlow.

Nine/Last Movie Watched: I watch very, very few movies; the last was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with my smol daughter -- I saw the first Harry Potter movie in theatres and then none of the others, so she and I are slowly watching them together and talking about how they are alike and not to the books.

Ten/Inspiration: I am not entirely certain, but there are certain types of writing or conversation which feel like they lift my thinking out of the normal sequential lines and into something more tangential and associative,

Eleven/Meaning of Username: The Old French form of alchimie, because it looks beautiful on the page, and because alchemy became chemistry, and because I believe in experimentation and transmutation and the ability to change.
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