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My favourite HTML is the unordered list, because with it I can make any selection of random thoughts into a post. Thus:

  • We have two jars of honey with honeycomb in from Trader Joe's, which looks marvelous and is very ornamental, but practically speaking it means I end up with little bits of wax in my teeth after putting honey in my coffee, which is not something I can abide. Where were these jars three years ago when my smol daughter was entranced by honeycomb and wanted to eat and/or play with it whenever possible?

  • I seem to have gone from finding instrumental jazz irritating to finding at least some types of it pleasant and soothing, but I still do not know enough words to identify which will be which. Spotify is responsible for the first discovery, and I think Every Noise at Once will assist with the latter.

  • Last night I was too tired to read (oh this sleep deprivation cycle, I must figure out how to break it but I have a terrible fear it involves getting up earlier on the weekends) so I lay in bed watching anime instead; half an episode of Absolute Duo which is fine for what it is (shounen, fighting, getting stronger to protect one's relationships, a half-nod at world-building and nothing more), tastes of a few shows I am considering diving into, and a surprising two and a half episodes of AKB0048, which is a brightly coloured idol show in which the idols are also science fantasy warriors who not only sing and dance but also literally battle the evil forces of censorship and oppression together. With microphones that turn into lightsabres, amongst other weapons. It is ridiculously over the top and very enjoyable.

  • Speaking of getting up earlier on weekends, smol daughter is having a friend sleep over tomorrow night, so I will certainly be getting up earlier than usual this Saturday. This friend has never slept over here before so there is a small chance I will be taking her home at midnight, but I am crossing fingers it doesn't go in that direction.

  • Lastly, Girl Scouts -- it is almost cookie season, and this is the first time I have been a leader during the cookie sales, and I am being asked for my opinion on many details upon which I do not, in fact, know enough to have an opinion. I am getting very good at telling our revered cookie chair (who is in her fifth year of doing this work), "I am happy to let you decide."

Definitely my favourite HTML; I did not have to come up with a single transition between my paragraphs!
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