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I thought I was going to write here yesterday in the interstices of putting together Girl Scout lesson plans (for our girls to use to teach younger girls), but that ended up being all-consuming. And surprisingly fun, although I could have done with more than a few hours to throw it all together. There is a conversation to be had with the other involved adults about timing and planning and committing to things without a real sense of the effort/work involved... but let us be entirely honest, I felt something like a rock star getting it all well done in short order and then delivering it successfully such that the girls seemed enthused and engaged. But still, let us be sensible rather than adrenalised, really.

Now, today, Thursday, the Tournament of Books is underway, and I have spent the day deliberately lying in bed enjoying the ToB commentariat and then starting to catch up reading journals here. I had thought I might write today, I seem to have found the shape of a project that has been simmering a long time, but the lying in bed commenting on other people's books is much more enjoyable, and after this extremely busy week I am glad to rest. Tomorrow will have a vet visit for the elderly cat (this was scheduled for yesterday but had to be bumped due to writing lesson plans) and possibly brunch with a friend -- if the cat goes well and the brunch does not come off, perhaps I will write then, but the to-do list still looms rather large, and the weekends are not much for sending volunteer coordination sorts of emails and the other things which constitute my non-homemaking work.

Time now to go fetch my children and begin the latter half of the day. I am glad I rested.

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But still, let us be sensible rather than adrenalised, really.

A splendid aphorism!
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