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Today after dropping off the children I went directly to the vet's to pick up perscription food for our elderly cat; it is not a very long drive (15 minutes each way), but a direction I do not usually go, closer to the dark-green hills that separate our valleys from the ocean, and it was a hazy, misty day, the hills covered with fog, very gray with just hints of glow in the sky to indicate where the sun was hiding -- and then one moment when I turned and saw a faint rainbow like a watercolour wash, incredibly wide bands of very pale colours spread across the gray sky. It was absolutely lovely.

Now I have been home for a while, and have eaten and had my antibiotics and caught up on a large pile of paper mail (bills and such things) and sent email explaining why I am not volunteering today and taken painkillers for sinus pressure and read a little bit and now I ought to eat something more and then get the gymnastics bag ready for after school activities.

I am much more tired than yesterday which has largely been the pattern with this infection, every good day is followed by a day of exhaustion. I hope the antibiotics turn it around soon.
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