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I have been sick for about five weeks now -- three weeks of low-level congestion and coughing, and then suddenly a proper cold with all the symptoms (sneezing, serious congestion, headache, sore throat, etc etc) and then it started to go away and came back with a vengeance for 10 more days of discomfort and interrupted sleep and severe exhaustion -- so today I went to the doctor and now there are antibiotics waiting for me at the nearby pharmacy, and I will go get them after a shower and starting some laundry. I am looking forward to feeling better; the actual infection symptoms are mostly mild but the exhaustion is extreme, and much of my smol children's lovely week of break was lost to me lying in bed only moving when I absolutely had to feed & care for them, rather than the fun trips to the beach and the trampoline park and frozen yogurt that were planned. I did host a sleepover, however, and manage to send my daughter to another sleepover and a playdate and some Girl Scout cookie selling, so it was not a total loss, but both the children are rather grumpy and with good reason.

Exhaustion meant the thought of writing here or anywhere -- really any kind of communication with other people -- felt impossible; it may have been exacerbated by a lack of sunlight, so last night I uncovered the window by my bed, meaning that I woke up earlier (not good for the amount of sleep I get) but I woke up to natural light, and it seems to have helped my mood and energy levels -- and thus, here I am, writing away rather than doing what I need to do to go get my antibiotics, so I will attend to the necessaries and then, I hope, write again later and also start catching up on my reading list. I am looking forward to it.
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